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started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Aug. 21 2001,11:43 am
I added this portion of our Forums for those of you that are into the "wheres George" website and use it to mix in with Geocaching. This is help drum up new cache content ideas as well as keep the Georgers on the straight road of Geocaching with Georges.
I have made YardBoy the moderator of this area due to his love for the "Wheres George" sport, not to mention I think he may have been the first to start Geocaching with George Bills. Well enjoy and have fun!
Posted by YardBoy on Aug. 21 2001,9:27 pm
Thanks Quinn, I'll do my best. (WG) has been thriving since 12/98 & I became addicted 10/99 when there were about 59,000 of us tracking bills (compared to 827,000 now).

If one is thinking of incorporating WG into their NaviCaching, I'd suggest first spending a few days reading 3 items:

WG FAQs < >
WG Guidelines < >
WG Forums < >

The WG Forums, like most, are informative (if not repetitively), but can be a wild & wooly place (NaviCache is tame by comparison).  Start slowly & if you're going to post, thicken up your skin & play by their webmaster's rules.

Posted by Firemedic on May 02 2002,5:04 am
Next time I get a stamp pad I will invest in waterproof ink.  I dont think I have had a problem (except for the clothes washer) but it wouldn't hurt.
Posted by YardBoy on May 02 2002,4:35 pm
You probably will not find a pad preloaded with waterprooof ink.  You'll probably have to buy a dry pad & a separate small bottle of waterproof ink.  

I stamped 10,000 bills with what my stamp dealer thought was waterproof (until I fell in the stream at "Porcupine Den")  :0o
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