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Topic: WheresGeorge bill & cache detonated by Bomb Squad
started by: YardBoy

Posted by YardBoy on Oct. 13 2001,11:51 am
"Oscar the Grouch Cache" in Nevada (with a WG bill inside) has expired in these exciteable times.  R.I.P.  Note from cache owner follows (and I am NOT the other cacher involved):

"Oh my Gosh! You have no idea what happened then. The cache was removed shortly after you(sic) visit by the BOMB SQUAD! Someone at channel 10 saw you out there with a suspicious package and I was at lunch. Well, becase of all the tension they called the police. The station and the nearby school were evacuated. When I returned I told them what it was, but it was too late. The police detonated the container at about 1:25pm. I was questioned and ordered to remove all my caches and tell other to do the same. What a mess!"

Posted by Guest on Oct. 13 2001,2:27 pm
Not hearing anything yet of this in the news am kind of skeptical to the validity of this report.

In any case, a perfect example of my post on 9/18 suggesting that all be sure to mark the outside of their cache container.

I actually had a cacher who was searching for one of mine (Redwings Treasure) park in a residential area no where near the cache and enter the park from it was in from the back side.
Residents called the police saying they saw him and his partner get out of the car and enter the wooded area with a gun. They were waiting when he returned to his car only to find out the supposed gun he was holding was his GPS.

I'd like to point out that this happened prior to the 9/11/01 attacks.  Some people just panic easily and it will only get worse now.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 13 2001,9:42 pm
OK, Now I beleive and can surely understand the "initial" concern of on-lookers. I'm sorry but terrorist incident or not, I do not think the placement right outside the building for your local PBS television station is a very appropriate place to leave a small package behind.

I do think however the local police over-reacted (even under current circumstances). I mean come on now, transparent container so you can see contents, clearly labeled  
"You Found IT...Geocache" right on top.

Looks like the Vegas P.D. might need a seeing eye dog for their bomb specialist.

And they keep telling the public not to panic and go about your normal routine....sheesh!!

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