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started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Aug. 23 2001,8:38 pm
In the links section I have a listing for the stampman which is where I bought my "Wheres George" stamp. I was just wondering where the rest of you Georgers have bought your stamps, the cost, and how do you like them? Also do you have your own custom text? and where on the bills do you place your stamp? I have also noticed that many times the ink from my stamp seems to bleed through the bill...does this happen to you guys as well?
After I stamp my bills I use a highliter on the serial numbers and date to kind of slap people into knowing fully what Info they will need, who else does this?
Posted by YardBoy on Aug. 24 2001,9:55 am
I'm on my 3rd stamp & I've been very happy with Genesee Stamp, 900 Jefferson Rd. (Regional Market complex, 1st building on the left), Rochester, NY.  They have same day turnaround.

I paid Ů.90 for my 2 liner that reads

The font size is such that it fits into blank space on a bill.  I then highlight the Serial # and Series.  I recently had a WheresGeorge "hit" email from a bank teller who appreciated the size & placement of my stamp.  She explained that while she's a friendly Georger, other tellers frown upon "over marked" bills (pulling them for destruction by the Federal Reserve Bank).

While NaviCaching, I recently took a quick dip (don't ask).  My stamp bled away from the Georges in my pocket.  I went back to Genesee Stamp & they were very gracious about replacing my standard ink & pad with a waterproof product: Aero Brand Indelible, made by Specialty Ink Co.  I also contacted Specialty Ink directly & got a free sample of their #141 stamp ink.  I've tested both in soapy solution & they're perfect.  See me if you need some ink, but you'll need a new pad (ū.95).  

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 11 2001,5:42 am
Yardboy...are these the self inking stamps? or are they the ones that you need a seperate Ink pad for?
Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 11 2001,11:44 am
I got mine from I little bulky because it's self-inking, but does a great job. I put on it:
See Where This Bill Has Been
Log Serial Number At
ป.00 & has served me well. At the same time I got my round self-inking "Gimpy" stamp with the hiker dude figure on it. All I had to do was e-mail a jpg. of anything I wanted & they make a stamp out of it. ว.00 for that one.
Posted by Quinn on Oct. 11 2001,9:07 pm
I ordered two "wheres George" stamps today from this place. I think I may also do what Gimpy did and see if they can make me a stamp of my new Skull and crossbones avatar. I always did like the Pirate logo.
Posted by YardBoy on Oct. 13 2001,12:22 pm
One can get both "manual" (requires pad) & self-inker from Genesee Stamp.  I prefer the manual so I can place my stamp more accurately (yes, I'm obsessive/compulsive, like, you're not).

BTW, I've decided against the Aero Indelible ink.  It was "slippery" at application & clotted my stamp.  I love the Aero #141 waterproof ink.

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 13 2001,12:40 pm
I bought the self inkers, but I forgot to ask for the water proof ink. Guess i'll just have to geocache in good weather! :) I went there today (saturday) to pick them up and they were closed $%&#@ :( guess I'll have to wait until monday!
Posted by dgridley on Oct. 13 2001,9:55 pm sells a self-inking address stamp for Ū.99 to first time buyers.
Posted by Guest on Nov. 02 2001,2:37 pm
Now that I have inherited Quinns old stamp I can get some of my own WG bills out there. Maybe kill to birds with one stone this weekend and check my caches and add some bills.

Be a perfect oportunity to give the 330X a workout for review purposes as I haven't had a real chance to use it much yet.

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 05 2002,1:11 pm
The last stamps I ordered I noticed the test size was too small as well as thin. Does anyone know what the common text size is for the "George" stamps?
I wish to order some for cache prizes.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 06 2002,3:41 am
First one I got was 14 pt., & it was a bit large. The one I'm presently using is 12 pt., &  I think that's the best size. I've seen some bills with smaller letters, not sure if they're yours, but lettering looks to be 10 pt. Pretty small.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 06 2002,5:19 am
Yeah...those were mine :(  8pt text. I just ordered a few more in 10pt to see how they look. Thanks for the image you sent me and I'll try to get it added here for viewing.
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 06 2002,6:11 am
Call up Genesee Stamp & ask them about my format which they have on file.  We "built" that stamp to fit in a particular area on the bill.

BTW, I'm going thru WG stamping withdrawal...I occasionally convert US$ to Rupees, but I have few expenses in India.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 06 2002,7:14 am
Thanks!...I'll call. So does this mean you will be the first to place a Geocache in india and submit a "Wheresrupees" bill :grinnin
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 06 2002,3:47 pm
:nono Silly wabbit, I'll be placing NaviCaches in India.  I haven't found a 48-Rupee store yet, nor any tupperware.  I picked up a few items at a toy store: Statue of Liberty pen, mini binoculars, hand-held electronics game, & squeeze bug that buzzes.  Total was about Rs.585, maybe $11.50 (oddly enough, I bought Docker shorts & Bata gym sneakers for about the same price each).
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 07 2002,5:35 am
Well...I done did it! :angry: I listened to all the posts about getting "Water proof" ink and so forth, so I went out to "Geneseee Stamp" yesterday and picked up my custom made rubber stamps along with two bottles of water proof ink (one red and one purple) grand total for the two stamps,two ink bottles and two dry pads was about 36.00 US.
So anyways...I wake up this fine morning and figure it's as good a time as any to fill up the dry pad with the Purple ink I took a good liking to, so I sit down in front of the computer fresh from the shower and wearing nothing but my under wear. I open the bottle and the dry pad and begin to pour the ink onto the pad, this is when the ink either had a clot on the bottle or perhaps I just can't pour the @$%^@ stuff :angry: ANYWAYS!!! while pouring the ink onto the pad about half the bottle spills into my lap and all over my under wear. All I can say is I found out that ink will soak through under wear and I now look like a %#$@% smurf! How am I gonna explain this to the wife?? The stuff doesn't wash off all that easy.

Posted by barrington on Mar. 07 2002,8:52 am
[/QUOTE]All I can say is I found out that ink will soak through under wear and I now look like a %#$@% smurf! How am I gonna explain this to the wife?? The stuff doesn't wash off all that easy.

Do not (I repeat, DO NOT) use alcohol!!! :0

This is based on personal experience involving Army Basic Training in chigger country, and a bottle of GI issue citronella.....

An old poem:

"I never saw a purple cow,
I never hope to see one.
But I can tell you anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one."
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 07 2002,10:02 am
How about a scouring pad. :grinnin :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 07 2002,7:14 pm
Surrrre...laugh at the guy with the purple #$%@$ see what I care! :angry:
Posted by CameraThyme on Mar. 10 2002,4:35 pm
Comical you guys.  

I merely purchased one from a stationer's store -- no need for waterproof ink!  They did, however, insist on CASH basis (yes, all the bills were stamped Where's George as I trialed my new stamp and paid the invoice).  The Secret Service, supposedly, asked that the Where's Georger's not sell the defiling stamping units.  (Also, if you set your printer setting just right, you can single sheet/bill feel the things through your printer!  It's a good thing.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 10 2002,6:59 pm
Quote (CameraThyme @ Mar. 10 2002,6:35 pm)
(Also, if you set your printer setting just right, you can single sheet/bill feel the things through your printer! It's a good thing.

Hey! I never even thought about that. I bet if I play with the printer long enough I can get that to work for me, then I won't be scrubbing purple ink off my %#&$#@ anymore.   :angry:
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 11 2002,4:55 am
I can tell you from experience: waterproof ink is a good thing.  Of the 5000+ "hits" I've received on my Georges, I've had several comments back on washed out ink.  In this forum, I previously detailed my quick dip in a stream at "Porcupine Den" & what happened to the bills in my pocket.  I also detailed my experiment with hand washing.

There are several Georgers who use a printer to mark their bills.  You'll see discussions in the WG Forum on occassion or simply ask the question to get a reply.  When looking thru the top Georger Profiles, I noticed a woman (from PA, I think) who offered to share Word templates.
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