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Topic: Downloading cache info
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 17 2004,8:02 am
It has taken some time, but we have some new features for our members here on

One of these features which many have asked for is the ability to download selected caches to their GPS's and for use within various geocaching software packages. While we have offered XML downloads for quite some time, we are now pleased to offer 3 aditional formats (.LOC, .GPX, and GPSS).

This option can be found by using the < cache search > option. The list of returned caches will now allow you to select those you would like to add to your download.

We hope many will find this new feature useful and would like to thank those that assisted with testing and all their comments. This is  fisrt phase of this and other new features so expect to see refinements and watch for more to come.

Please be sure to < Contact Us > if you find any problems with this (or any) feature of the site.

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