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Topic: product reviews forum?
started by: welch

Posted by welch on Sep. 28 2004,3:48 pm
This is a new forum right? when was it added?(just wondering)
Also, since PCmedic is the only one to have posted there, and I keep getting a 'you don't have permission...' message, this is a read only forum?


Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 28 2004,5:07 pm
You are correct it is a new forum, just opened today as a matter of fact. You are also correct in that it is a 'Read Only' forum with the exception of Team Navicache Admin. I had set it up this way as we are asked from time to time if we would like to review a product. This forum was intended as a place for us to submit those reviews.  

Now everyone knows we are always open to suggestions here and if some feel there may be need to post a reply, please let us know and I can certainly set it up so this is possible.

Posted by welch on Sep. 29 2004,8:38 am
Im not sure If I like the new forum or not.
It helps collects your reviews, which is good as it will make them easier to locate and read, but the forum stops me from quickly asking a question about the product/review testings. For example to find out if you know if Enoch's charger has been tested on the newer colored etrex units (or what unit your test was on?), or how much bigger the new case would be, I have to go to another forum like 'Other Geocaching Related Equipment Info and Reviews' or "misc gps info".

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 29 2004,10:30 am
I had not looked at this as an issue for a couple of reasons. Had this been a review in a magazine, you generally do not have the option of responding with questions short of maybe letters to the editor of the magazine, also most sites that offer reviews place them on a static html page again leaving no option for response. I opted for the forums as it offers a more central (and searchable) location. Now because it is in the forums and they do I suppose allow a more direct opportunity for questions about what may have not been covered, you may have a point. For that reason I have just reconfigured that forum so that while members may not start a topic, you may reply to a topic which is already started. This way we can prevent biased reviews from being posted, and still allow oportunity for additional questions.

To keep this thread on topic, I will answer the questions in that forum.

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