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started by: fledermaus

Posted by fledermaus on Sep. 17 2004,4:13 am
I am brand spankin' new to this system, so give me some slack.

The answers to me questions were probably right before my eyes and I didn't see them. In any case, I'll ask my question anyhow.

How do I send E-Mail to a cache owner? Also, this is going to sound really stupid, but how do I go from the initial cache listing to the cache description page. Reading the comments is a snap, just scroll down a little.

Posted by Semper Questio on Sep. 17 2004,6:42 am
Hi, Fledermaus.  If an NC users has chosen to make themselves available via email an icon will appear next to their name.  You click on that icon to send an email.  If that icon is not there then you can't email them as far as I know.

Welcome to NC!

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 17 2004,8:18 am
Welcome to :wave

One addition to the information that Semper Questio has provided, you must be logged in to your MYNavicache account for this icon to appear.

I am not sure I quite follow your second question????

I have also oved this thread to the appropriate forum

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