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Topic: Ummm... is this just me or is someting amiss
started by: virgo91967

Posted by virgo91967 on Sep. 06 2004,12:04 am
Hey ya Scout, PCadmin, ect... thought this might be important... last couple days I have been trying to do a "closest caches" search but all I get back is a blank page.... same if I try to do a 'find nearest cache" from any of my locally listed cache pages.  Did that make any sense?? is a bit bothersome... Just thought somone would want to look into it

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 06 2004,5:53 am
I am not seeing a problem on my end. Could you please submit a < Support Request > describing from what page/form you are attempting the search and what search criteria you are using.
Posted by virgo91967 on Sep. 06 2004,10:51 am
okay then ...  :2cool
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