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Topic: Can I download waypoint data?
started by: Semper Questio

Posted by Semper Questio on Sep. 01 2004,7:02 am
Yup, I'm lazy and I'm kinda new here.  Can the waypoint data be downloaded to then be uploaded to the GPS via my Magellan or EasyGPS software?


Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 01 2004,8:25 am
While you can not (yet) search and download by waypoint name, you can retrive the cache data in XML format and then upload to your GPS via EasyGPS.

For info on how to do this please see < this thead >

Posted by Scout on Sep. 01 2004,8:44 am
I download all waypoints regularly and use them to publish < Navicache Statistics >. Works great.

As for downloading the waypoints into your GPSr, see PC Medic's link.

Posted by Semper Questio on Sep. 01 2004,8:45 am
Posted by robertlipe on Oct. 14 2004,1:51 pm
Note, too, that < GPSBabel > can do waypoint transfers to popular units (and popular mapping programs ans duch) and speaks Navicache XML directly.   It works on all interesting OSes and is a free program.

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