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Topic: Navicache button
started by: CoyoteRed

Posted by CoyoteRed on Feb. 13 2004,12:03 pm
I was looking around the site for a button or mini banner for  I don't see one.  Is there one?


Posted by Scout on Feb. 13 2004,2:42 pm
I got mine for my Naviache stats bar from the Michigan geocaching site. They said I could use it, but they said they got it from somewhere else and couldn't remember exactly where. Bottom line, I, too, would like an official one from Navicache, if you've got one. Same dimensions as what I'm using, please. ;-)
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 13 2004,4:40 pm
I am glad they said that you could use it as it is the official button. It is used by quite a number of folks which requested it and can also be found < HERE >. It's intended use is for a link button back to Home Page.

Posted by CoyoteRed on Feb. 14 2004,5:46 am
Thanks, that's what I was looking for!

BTW, you mght want to might that a little more prominent so more people can use it.

Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 14 2004,7:01 am
Will be adding it (and other) link back options to our links page.
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