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Topic: How to delete a photo on your cache page?
started by: Crazy Cache

Posted by Crazy Cache on Jan. 03 2004,5:51 pm
Okay, this is probably really simple, but how do I delete a photo that I used as a clue on my cache page? I had to move the cache to a new hiding spot, so now the photo is not valid. When I was in the edit mode, I didn't see where I could delete the existing photo only add more. Did I totally miss it? Thanks for the help!

CraZy Cache

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 03 2004,7:59 pm
crazy...this is one of the features we overlooked. Please e-mail me your cache page link or give me the name of it and I will take out the pix for you.

I hope we can get this option fixed soon so that you can do this in the future on your own.

Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 06 2004,5:10 pm
Well not exactly "overlooked", but there does appear to be a problem.

To replace a current photo with a new one you would simply enter the new information in the form. For example if you need to replace Picture #2 you would enter the information for the new photo in that spot and it will update the original entry. You should also be able to remove an image by entering a single [SPACE] in the form but after reading your post I see it has a problem in that while it removes the image file (as it should) it is not removing the link from the cache page. I am looking into this now and hope to have it fixed soon.

Posted by Millhouse on Dec. 01 2004,10:29 am
what is the status of this problem? As a test for a future cache i have added two pictures to one of my caches (< Zarathustra-Zed >) and now i can't remove the pictures. I tried entering a single space but this still doesn't work.  :(  At the bottom of my page there is still the heading "Pictures" and two links pointing to nowhere ...

Greetings Stephan.

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 01 2004,3:39 pm
This was fixed at one point, but I will certainly take a look to see how the issue was reintroduced to the script.

In the mean time I have removed the issue in your currrent cache listing you mentioned.

Posted by Millhouse on Dec. 01 2004,4:03 pm
Thanks PC Medic. But even after you found and fixed the bug in your scripts, I think it is very complicated to delete a picture. I found the trick with the space only after searching the forum. Why not add a "Delete this picture" button to every picture in the cache edit form? Or something like that.

By accident I found another cache whose owner probably also wanted to delete his pictures but didn't knew how to do this:
< Schölerberg >

Greetings Stephan.

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 01 2004,6:12 pm
Quote (Millhouse @ Dec. 01 2004,6:03 pm)
Why not add a "Delete this picture" button to every picture in the cache edit form? Or something like that.

It's on the list (now).
Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 17 2004,8:19 am
An option has now been added to allow cache owners to more easily remove any pictures you no longer want listed in your cache descriptions.

This option allows you to now remove the image and title by simply clicking a 'Delete' option next to each image link on the cache page.

Hope this is useful and helps reduce the problems and confusion for those trying to edit their cache pages.

Thanks for your patience as we worked on this and other site enhancements.

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