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Topic: A joke ????
started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on Dec. 21 2003,10:42 am
Here is a quote from MOCache

The signature is a "joke"...

How is displaying our IP address a joke???? This should have never happened.  As much advertising and new members we have brought to this site, I think an admin. should have done something a long time ago.  I am really upset and will probably never come to this site again.  Are we a target of a sick joke?
Some of the one liners under the  IP address is extremely offensive too.  :sick

Posted by Quinn on Dec. 21 2003,10:54 am
Only YOU can see your IP address and nobody else... when I look at it I see mine and everyone else see's theirs. NOT even HE can see your IP address.

Each person who looks at the posts see's HIS/ HER own IP address. He is using a program found on the internet that allows this. It is 100% harmless and believe me, your IP address is not listed anywhere on this just see it because you are looking at it on that computer. go to another computer and log in, it will then show you that computers IP address. All you are doing is looking in a mirror so to speak.

Posted by Guest on Dec. 21 2003,11:14 am

I guess April Fool's day can be any day I guess.  The joke's on us.  We formally apologize, but geez, some would take it seriously, you know.  We were ready to delete everything we had and get rid of our tower!!!  LOL

We've been punk'd!  :rotflmao

Candie and Duane

Posted by welch on Dec. 21 2003,11:40 am
Quote (upinyachit @ Dec. 21 2003,12:14 pm)
We've been punk'd!  :rotflmao

Don't feel so bad I find it a bit un-nerving too, even though im the only one to see it, its just strange  :2cool

Posted by MOCache on Dec. 21 2003,11:54 am
I removed the Sig file...
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