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Topic: Approval Time?
started by: lowracer

Posted by lowracer on Dec. 01 2003,2:06 pm
I've submitted a cache for approval, it's a puzzle cache, so the posted coords are bogus; you have to solve the puzzle to get the right coordinates.  

The cache was rejected because the posted coordinates weren't judged to be close enough to the actual cache location (they were set a mile or two away in the middle of a lake to minimize impact of people trampling the bogus coordinate site trying to find a cache that isn't there).  I wasn't aware that the cache coordinates on a puzzle cache had to be close to the actual cache location.  Ok granted that now I know this, there's no way for me to edit the cache listing to change the coordinates, so I'm hosed.  I've emailed the person that rejected my cache, a general navicache email address, so I don't know who it is really.  No response.  Has everyone gone home for the holidays?    Anyway, someone in charge please email me about this, I'd like to get this one made active.  It's a quite normal puzzle cache, shouldn't be any reason to reject it.

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Posted by Quinn on Dec. 01 2003,4:21 pm
Lowracer... I looked into this and went in and approved your cache to give you the chance to go back in and edit the coordinates.

There are several reasons why we like to keep the coordinates in check with a cache posting. One reason is for Buxleys maps. Just having a random coordinate will also show on his maps and he as well as us would like to keep those maps as accurate as we can.

If you could even use the coordinates of a parking lot or starting point this would be a good idea.
let me know if I can help any more.  :)

Posted by lowracer on Dec. 01 2003,6:08 pm
Cool, thanks Quinn.  The bogus coords are now updated to the entrance to the park.  Thanks for listing it.


Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 01 2003,7:40 pm
Now why didn't I think of that??   :rolleyes
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