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Topic: Cache Logs
started by: orchidhunter

Posted by orchidhunter on Oct. 03 2003,9:44 pm
Where Do I find the logs of finds and the like? :(
Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 04 2003,6:27 am
All caches may be found by clicking on the 'Caches' option from the menu on the Home Page.
From there you may search by keyword, state, zip, etc. or click new caches to list all caches in order of most recent to oldest.

Posted by Scout on Oct. 04 2003,8:32 am
The cache logs are at the bottom of the page with the cache description. If there are no logs there, it means no one has logged the cache.
Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 04 2003,2:50 pm
My apologies, and a big thanks to Scout  :thumbs-up

In my hurry to respond before running out the door this morning, I gave directions to the cache pages but never explained the location of the logs as Scout has pointed out.

I have administered myself 10 lashes with my GPS strap!

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