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Topic: duplicate caches
started by: yankeeboy4

Posted by yankeeboy4 on Oct. 31 2003,6:39 am
I have caches hidden with Was wondering if I can also enter those caches  on Navicache. I am a new member and don't know if others do this. Thanks
Posted by Cracker7M on Oct. 31 2003,6:49 am
Yes, you may! By all means do it!

After all, the cache belongs to YOU!....You should be able to post it where ever you wish.... :D

I only have afew caches, but am planning on several more. I double post them, and I think I will be posting them here a couple of weeks or more before posting them on GC, so in order to be first finder, you have to learn about the cache from Navicache. I have also started putting little first finders prizes in my caches.

Although, as long as the approval process on GC has been taking, I can still probably post them on both sites at the same time, and STILL have a couple weeks before it shows up on GC... :rolleyes

Posted by TEAM 360 on Oct. 31 2003,8:36 am
Welcome aboard! :wave
DEFINITELY list your caches here! The real object is to get the cache information out to the geocaching public in as many ways as you can! Don't limit yourself to only one board. Remember, it's YOUR cache, no one else can tell you what do do with it, and you can list it anywhere you please.

Posted by axcion on Nov. 01 2003,3:19 am
Please do....

Especially if you are in the Husker state!

I have all my current caches dual registered.
Unfortunately....there aren't many people in this neck of the woods that seem willing to list at this site....Not interested too much work to post at two sites...type responses.

I like to list them here first. Heres why:

a) Quick listing
b) Hopefully more Husker type folks will at least come here and do a search and find mine....
c) Maybe some one from Europe will find my listing and choos e to visit my caches! The more outlets the better!


Posted by Snipe33 on Nov. 01 2003,4:56 pm
Hi...Just started posting my caches here. There really aren't many of the northern Illinois caches posted on this web site. I will ask lppd841 to start posting his caches here too.
Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 01 2003,7:09 pm
Welcome  :wave  , and yes listing on both sites is acceptable.
Posted by TEAM 360 on Nov. 02 2003,7:44 am
I use multiple sites, but put additional "Navicache-exclusive" hints on the ones I list here. Think I will start posting my caches here about a week before I list them on any other site. Just an added bonus for users of this board.  :)
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 09 2003,7:09 am
We really are happy for all the support that is given us here on the website. It is people like you that keep us moving forward.   :)
Posted by team_tar on Nov. 11 2003,8:42 am
Hallo all,
I'm new too (both to the sport and to the site). With "the team" we placed two caches in Italy, where we live, and posted them on GC and here.

Personally I'm happy with both sites. Here I see many people upset with GC... Well I suppose they would have good reasons to feel so.

Personally I think simply that monopoly is never a good thing. While this site will have so much less listings than GC, GC will remain the choice for 90% of people looking for a cache, and this place mainly the home of people gone away from GC for many reasons.

While this will be the situation, GC will not have too much to "bother" about NaviCache or any other site, nor to change any of its politics due to them. And this is not a good thing, even if I may be happy with GC (well, with my limited experience I had not so much occasions not to be...).

To have many point of view is always better... apart the fact that more sites, more places for the people to see my caches... :cool:

Acaro of Team TAR

Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 11 2003,12:25 pm
Welcome Team TAR.

Glad you like the site and hope you tell other geocachers in your area about us. We are a friendly bunch and welcome all.

Posted by cenobite07 on Nov. 12 2003,8:49 pm

I usually post mine here first since Navicache has a huge following here in upstate NY (which is where it's based - and hosted I think.....).

I do also tend to get more complaints and "help me find it's" from GC only cachers. I've never understood why though.

Anyway, I like the responses I've gotten here and like to give my friends and neighbors the first chance to swear at me in the woods before all the raging horde does.

Posted by DustyJacket on Nov. 13 2003,8:23 am
I have visited this site on and off for a while, but only registered this week to cross-post my 2 caches.
When my next 2 get approved by the local parks, I'll post them here as well.

One thing I have noticed on some caches in my area that are posted here, is that the descriptions aren't updated, like they were on In a couple of cases, the cache was plundered and relocated, yet the cache owners forgot to update this site.

So, if you are going to post your caches on both sites, you should maintain them on both sites.

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