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Topic: email change..
started by: lighthouserocket

Posted by lighthouserocket on Oct. 13 2003,8:53 am
changed my email in the forums.. but not in the public profile at "my home".. how is that done..
Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 13 2003,5:03 pm
Currently to accomplish this you must < Contact Support >.

A new update is coming which will allow members to update their profile info without the need for contacting support.

Posted by WindChill on Dec. 04 2003,7:53 pm
Hmmm, when I try to use the Contact Us page, it is "broken".  That is, when I click in a field to type somehting, the page reloads (or does something for about 1 second) and when it is done, my cursor is not in the edit box.  Any one else have a problem, or is it maybe on my side?
Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 05 2003,4:41 am
First I have heard of this type problem from anyone, but will look into it.
What browser are you using?

If you are still having problems and need to contact us,you can PM me here in the forums.

Posted by WindChill on Dec. 05 2003,7:03 am
Thanks PC Medic.  I just checked again, from another machine and have the same problem.  I normally use Opera 7.2 (on both machines) and it behaves the same when I set it to report as Opera, IE 6 or NS 5.  I also just tried the real IE 6 and it seems to work, so I guess it is "an Opera thing".

Oh Well....

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 05 2003,12:34 pm
I receieved your PM and will take care of the request.

Opera is pretty rare but some do use it so I will also look into the Opera issue with the page display.

Posted by WindChill on Dec. 05 2003,4:48 pm
Thanks for taking care of the email change.  

The contact page is the only place Ive had any problem, so dont spend too much time looking into it on my account.  OTOH, if you make any changes and would like me to check it out, just let me know.


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