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Topic: Avatars
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 12 2002,4:49 pm
If any of you have an avatar you would like us to add to the list just e-mail it to us and we'll get it in there for you to use. We have quite a few already and sometimes people prefer not to use them at all which is fine. But if you see something somewheres else that strikes your fancy let us know. nudes!
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 15 2002,2:23 pm
Ok...I got moun10bikes and Morsemans avatar's, now I need to find a good one for Rocky.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 22 2003,2:28 pm
I first started this topic a while back, and still the offer stands...
If any of you have a picture of your self or perhaps family member, or even anything else you would like to use as a custom avatar, just e-mail it to me along with your user name and I will add it for you.

Mine is of me and my not so little daughter.
Posted by Geo Dee on July 02 2003,9:20 am
What's your address? My avatar image is not on the web and this e-mail system will not allow attachments.
Posted by Quinn on July 02 2003,2:00 pm
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