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Topic: Searches?
started by: cenobite07

Posted by cenobite07 on May 28 2003,12:42 am

I hope this request hasn't been covered or beaten to death yet.

Navicache is my home for geocaching - I like the people, the format, and the administrators (who seem to be focused on having fun rather than creating new RULES for the game...):)

One of the only things that I like about the other geocaching site is the way the cache sort tool works.

Is it possible to modify the cache search tool to exclude caches we've already done?

It is a bit tedious to search for local caches and have to sort through those that I've done amongst all the new ones.

Thanks for your consideration. :)

Posted by PC Medic on May 28 2003,12:18 pm
We appreciate your comments and feedback.

As we want the site to be as user friendly as possible, this can certainly be looked into.

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