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started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 08 2002,1:55 pm
Made it a little easier for our "Registered" Members to tell their friends about .

For those of you who may have friends or family involved in Geocaching that you think may be interested in the "free" resources available here on, you can now send them a quick and easy invite right from the main page of the forums.

Just scroll to the bottom and fill in your friends email address and click "Go".  :^:
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 08 2002,8:42 pm
:oo: Good idea. I am doing it right now
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 08 2002,8:46 pm
Quote (300mag @ Mar. 08 2002,10:42 pm)
:oo: Good idea. I am doing it right now

Just great...if Mag is inviting people we will have a bunch of riff-raff here soon.  :grinnin
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 08 2002,9:16 pm
I also think it helps to make sure you mention the site every cance you get, I know whenever someone emails me about one of my caches I send them this way, some have posted their caches and thanked me for telling them.  Word of mouth helps alot.

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 09 2002,8:51 am
I want to Thank all of you for all the suppport with the website here. Over the past couple of days it was like the flood gates opened up with many new members signing up in the forums and also the site itself. Cache submissions have also taken a good leap forward.
This is exactly what we need here, once there is a good deal of cache placement and submissions to Navicache this takes quite a bit of the worry out of having to depend on just one site for caching information.
I really wish I could take a few to sit down and name you all by name when I do say Thanks, but there are so many that it would take me all day.
It's not George, Brian, Roger or me that make this site what it is or is's people like you that make it.
Posted by Road Kill on Mar. 09 2002,10:58 am
And I thought they were coming because they heard about Road Kill and his fancy hat. :love áNot to mention the welcoming grin :wave
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 09 2002,8:21 pm
Actually road kill your the one that led me to navicache with sammy the snail hitchiker, geez if I would have only known what I was getting into  :grinnin

That being said I noticed when I searched for geocaching in google, Navicache didn't come up.  Didn't check any other search engines but that may be something you guys want to look into (no idea how to change it though).
Posted by Road Kill on Mar. 09 2002,8:54 pm
Well you may have come to us by way of Sammy, but when you come out this way this summer I'll teach you how to play Huckle-Buckle-Beanstalk.  :grinnin

BTW I don't know if you remember me telling about the snowshoes I bought. Well they haven't even been outside.  :angry:
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 09 2002,9:01 pm
Quote (mikechim @ Mar. 09 2002,10:21 pm)
That being said I noticed when I searched for geocaching in google, Navicache didn't come up. áDidn't check any other search engines but that may be something you guys want to look into (no idea how to change it though).

Hmmm, I just checked and we are #15 of approximately 143,000 possible matches. Not at the top (but getting closer).
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 09 2002,9:16 pm
Yep your right PC, I never made it past the first page cause I assumed we'd (ha I've tagged along, like that passed out guy on the couch that just won't go away) be #2.  Any idea how they determine the order, just cause if I had no clue and searched for geocaching I'd probably only check the first page.
Posted by dgridley on Mar. 10 2002,12:06 am
It helps to have the keyword (in this case, Geocaching) in the domain name in order to improve your chances of top positions on the search engines.. another and possibly more important indicator is link popularity.. the more links you have linked back to your site, the higher you'll rank in the listings. A bot statement in the meta-tags helps also.

You also have to submit your site regularly (tho not too regularly as you might be penalized).
Posted by Road Kill on Mar. 10 2002,10:52 am
I tried it. I liked it. ;)
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 10 2002,7:16 pm
Quote (dgridley @ Mar. 10 2002,02:06 am)
It helps to have the keyword (in this case, Geocaching) in the domain name in order to improve your chances of top positions on the search engines..

Not entirely true.
Title Tag, Keyword usage, and link ranking are the more important factors.

Most search engine services stopped relying much at all on domain names for obvious reasons. Using "geocaching" as an example there are over 143,000 matches to a Google search for that keyword. Now even if they all used the word geocaching as part of the domain name (which would be a trick in itself) there are still going to be 139,980+ pages that don't make the "Top 20". Add to this that they also discovered site owners were snatching up every domain name they could think of with the keyword to try to cheat their way to the top, and it wasn't long before they (the search engines) realized it was not a very fair or accurate way to list sites.  
Meta Tags helped but, as many site owners proved, this was an easy system to beat.

So now Google uses a patented method called "PageRank".
Pretty fair in the way it ranks sites, and pretty hard to fool.

Why use Google as the example? Because they are rated as the number one search engine and #2, #3 and #4 all use Google results themselves.  

For more information on PageRank see < This Article > .  While it is not an official white paper,it offers an easy to understand basic description of how it works.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 12 2002,10:30 am
The biggest reason cache submissions here have been slow is only due to the fact that people do not know about us yet.
I have found that when contacting people or even being contacted as a result of a link back to us that they say they just were not aware that more than one site existed.
Once they do find us they tend to stick with us. But it sure has helped quite a bit having everyone spread the word. Cache submissions are up a good jump and continue to roll in, this is mostly in part due to people like you letting your friends or fellow cachers know where we are at.
Once Caches are transferred or submitted to us in several areas this will also give people another reason to come visit us, because they will have something to look for in the area they live.
I can't thank you all enough for the kind words and help you have provided. Some of you walked through our doors with hard feelings or confusion as to what we were or our intentions are, but I have noticed that this has been put aside and that you continue to visit, for this I am glad as I am finding that many of you are very interesting people and your comments and idea's are worth hearing.
So as I said before, Thank you for everything and I mean that sincerely.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 12 2002,11:44 am
I really think that the new cache search feature on the main page will make a difference. Ease of access to cache info, at least to me, makes a big difference. Cachers that are registered here, or are thinking of registering here, will find it very easy now to get the info. The only reason that I can figure that so many locals log my caches thru geocaching, is that they got the cache info from there. I think the Spring get-together will also make a big difference. I'd like to see a get-together more than once a year. Just a little informal group meeting like once a month or every other month, I think would interest serious cachers & could be fun. I think we'd see an upsurge in members if existing members brought along a friend or 2 to something like this, as opposed to just spreading the word & counting on them to look us up on their own. It could be posted like a cache or just kicked around here on the forums. When folks see the fun we have & actually get to meet in a group, I think they'd be more likely to participate. I love to golf, & when I was in a league, I was out on the course every week. I got out of the league 4 years ago & have gotten out 3 times in 4 years. Just a thought. ;)
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 12 2002,4:06 pm
I would be up for meeting once a month or every other month. A club for our area and or other areas is also a good idea. I think personal sites that offer meeting times, information , new events and anything else about caching is a great idea. There are tons of state and local Cache clubs already out there..anyone up for making one for NY or any other state?
If you build it they will come.
Posted by Choberiba on Mar. 15 2002,1:37 am
Quote (Quinn @ Mar. 12 2002,3:06 pm)
I would be up for meeting once a month or every other month.

Anyway Navicache could aid the social aspects of geocaching more? Having the ability to contact all my local geocachers and invite them to a breakfast meeting or something would be nifty. As it is, I'd have to post a cache page and hope people see it.

Anyway to have everyone within 30 miles notified of a gathering?
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