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Topic: Zip Code Search!
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 20 2002,2:22 pm
George has been smoking his brain at the key board lately coming up with new toys for all of you to play with. The newest feature that is finished is the "Zipcode" search method. This new form of search will allow you to enter a zipcode and when submitted it will show you all the caches based on distance and direction from where you are. These caches will be shown closest to farthest from what you enter and will give you the links, dist, and direction all at the same time. this will be another nice addition to the Coordinate search that is already in place. Once Brian gets this put into the webpage it will be ready to go, so expect it in a day or two.
More toys to come! A Members section is in the works which will let you edit everything from e-mail address to information in your bio. I would like to thank Roger (Roadkill) for all his testing and up front critic that has helped to move us forward. Stay tuned for more!
Posted by Quinn on Jan. 22 2002,3:57 pm
The zip code distance search feature is now added to the website and can be found within the main page link for Cache searches, or you can use this link < cache search > in the top section for "Distance Search" just enter your zip code and it will show you caches based on distance from your code as well as direction. For a more accurate idea you might wish to use the home coordinate entry for also. This page will also reflect the direction we are heading basd on page layout and color scheme. We added our logo to shadow the background and will work this into the remaining pages. More to come!
Posted by Rocky on Jan. 23 2002,6:38 am
Works great!, I like it very much, many thanks to all involved.
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