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Topic: Thank you for the help!
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 07 2003,8:01 pm
I just wanted to take a fast second to thank people like Yardboy who just made a donation to help keep us up and running here at the Navicache site. it's people like you that help us to stay where we are.
Each donation made goes right back into the website for server space and what ever else we can use it for to bring new additions to everyone here.

We are trying to get enough space so that maps can be added for several other parts of the globe besides just the U.S.A.

It doesn't take much to keep us going right now, and everything helps!
You should all feel that this site is part yours as it is ours, after all, if it wasn't for you there would be no reason for us keeping the doors open.

Thanks again!  :)
Posted by Guest on Mar. 02 2003,5:11 pm
I would like to make a contribution to this site and help to promote it,  but in a different way.   I am still working on the idea with my wife Candie and have not yet worked out how I would do this.  Maybe you guys could help out with any suggestions and let us know if it's a good or bad idea.  

Anyways,  here is my idea:  I want to place 100 raffle tickets in random navicache caches.  It would be the caches of my choice and I want to leave more than one ticket in the cache at my discretion.  The raffle ticket that I leave would be sealed and an explanation of what it is will be clearly marked.  The ticket would say something like congratulations you are automatically entered in a raffle.  The drawing will be held on this date (I would give the date; probably sometime in June)  and the winning ticket would win 100 bucks. Of course I would exclude family members and might need a little help from a nearby cacher when the time comes to draw.  The winning number will be posted on the forums.  

What do you think?

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 02 2003,11:09 pm
Not a bad idea. But big money...hoof  :p

I was thinking along the same lines to help generate funds for new additions such as mapping for other parts of the globe.

I will be reserving a location for our spring Cachers picnic soon, and have thought that a 50/50 raffle would be a good idea. Then the winning ticket would get the coordinates to a ammo can with the prize money as well as perhaps a GPSR.

I am very greatful for all the ideas and help that many of you come up with. The site wouldn't be the same without many of you. :)
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