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Topic: Page Background?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on May 01 2002,5:25 pm
I have been getting some e-mails from people expressing their opinions on the Navicache logo textured back ground on the main page as well as the others. They feel it is out of style as well as distracting to the eye while reading. I am very open to comments and ideas on this, if you think it would look better with just the plain white back ground I will change it, if you like it as is we can leave it...any thoughts?
Posted by YardBoy on May 01 2002,5:34 pm
I like the "watermark", but turn up the contrast so we can read it.  My 2 rupees.
Posted by PC Medic on May 01 2002,5:34 pm
Well I say let it be and suggest staying with the watermark.

In fact, if you think back, the switch from plain white to the watermark background was due to the white being hard on the eyes.
Posted by Road Kill on May 03 2002,8:18 pm
The blue/Gray with watermark is the mark of Navicache. It ain't broke so don't try to fix it. :nono
Posted by barrington on May 05 2002,9:07 am
It ain't broke so don't try to fix it.

I agree, it's one of the website's most attractive and tasteful features. ;)
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