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Topic: Street and area maps!
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 11 2002,7:22 pm
I just wanted to inform all of you that George Chung has been working on a new mapping script that will allow users when visiting a cache page to also see the general area based on street directions that the cache is in. This feature will also have a 3 level zoom in option to bring you closer or farther based on your likes.
Believe me, this is only but a tip of the iceburg of things to come. George, Brian, Roger and I have been brain storming to bring many new toys to you all very soon. Without giving too much away here in the public forums I can only say you will be very pleased with the website and things it will offer you in the very near future. Please make it a point to continue checking in and if you have any idea's of your own that you feel may be a nice addition or something we may have over looked, please by all means let us know! :)

Posted by Quinn on Feb. 17 2002,5:40 am
George has been hard at work as usual, this time adding two new level maps within each cache page (US Regional and Patial State) with the default being regional. Just use the zoom in feature just above the map to bring it into an area view (Previous and Next).
Just so none of you get worried about George I think it's safe to inform you that even though we have him chained to his computer chair, we do feed him and bring him water from time to time. :p
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