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Topic: archiving a cache?
started by: infosponge

Posted by infosponge on July 02 2003,3:17 pm
How can I get rid of one of my caches that no longer exists?  I didn't see any way to do that.
Posted by PC Medic on July 02 2003,3:21 pm
Click on "Edit Cache" in the menu at the top of the cache page. Set it to retired and save the changes.
Posted by infosponge on July 02 2003,6:04 pm
Thanks!  I must be blind...somehow I didn't see that.
Posted by Crazy Cache on Sep. 16 2003,7:55 pm
How do you temporarily disable a cache? I retrieved mine today to save it from the wrath of Isabel and plan on putting it back out after it is all over with. Do I retire it and then unretire or is there another way? Thanks.

Crazy Cache:)

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 16 2003,8:50 pm
I would make a log entry noting that it has been temporarily removed for this reason and then using the Edit Cache option set the status to retired. After the storm passes "un-retire" the cache and make a new entry that it is again active.

Being in Va. Beach I wish I could have taken the time to do the same. Have to hope the ammo boxes keep them protected.

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