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Topic: New to Navicache
started by: DisQuoi

Posted by DisQuoi on June 13 2002,11:41 am
I'm brand new to navicache.  I just posted five of my caches that are still currently posted elsewhere.  I have some questions:

1) In another web-site's forum, I suggested the use of condition icons just like th eones I just discovered are used here (restrooms, pets allowed, etc.).  That's excellent?  How long has navicache used these?  I feel behind the times.

2) Is there a way for a cache hunter to email me with questions?  I couldn't find anyway for that, I may just be missing it.
Posted by Scout on June 13 2002,1:31 pm
I'm brand new to navicache. áI just posted five of my caches that are still currently posted elsewhere.

Welcome to, DisQuoi. Listing your caches is the best way people can help grow this site.

By the way, you're allowed to mention other sites by name here. :) I haven't seen any censorship here at all, although I think Quinn has said that he'll bleep expletives.

I don't know how long the cache conditions icons have been around. It's been a few months, I think.

You can find the email address of a cache owner by clicking on his name at the top of the cache page. It shows the player's unencrypted email address. Yikes! That'll freak out some, but I kind of like it.

Posted by Quinn on June 13 2002,3:49 pm
Yes...Welcome! :)  I am glad you like the icons you have seen while submitting your caches, this is the best way we grow and advance is by word of mouth, so please tell your friends who we are and where they can find us.
Scout is 100 % correct on his information responding to you, clicking on your user name or that of others will show you an e-mail address as long as that person or you have allowed it to be seen.

though it is not quite public yet, you can also sign in and play a bit with the new "Members Page" by using this link... < NAVICACHE MEMBERS PAGE > . It is not quite finished yet as we still have some touch ups and enhancements to make to it, but at least if you log-in you can edit any cache log you have made and see your user profile. We will be blending these in withn the forums and chatroom as well.
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