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Topic: Email Alert for ALL
started by: mrski

Posted by mrski on May 16 2002,8:22 am
Is there a setting anywhere where you can have ANY new message posted to syhow up in your email?  Seems most of the time when I visit here and see "new posts" indicated with the icons, when I go read them, they are the same ones I have already seen on a previous visit.  If each new post or reply was emailed to me then it would save a lot of time.

I guess it comes from having joined way too many email discussion lists over the years.
Posted by Quinn on May 16 2002,1:12 pm
hmmm...we can look into this but the best way to fix this would be to use the "Mark all posts as read" feature on the bottom of the main forum page...this way when you leave all the posts and threads will show a clear envelope meaning that you have already read them, thus if you return and see a "Gold" one while being logged in this means there is a new post you have not read in that thread. ;)
Posted by mrski on May 16 2002,1:22 pm
Does it determine NEW messages by date or does it include time.  I try to check in 4 -6 times a day and most of the time when I do, the ones marked are the ones I have seen previously.  I will try the MARK ALL AS READ each time and see if that will take care of the trick.

Posted by PC Medic on May 16 2002,3:08 pm
Couple of things that may help here.
Fist (as Quinn mentioned), be sure to click on the "Mark All Posts Read" prior to logging out of the forums. You will find it at both the Top and Bottom of the mani forum page.
Also, be sure to "Log Out" when leaving the forums. The new posts feature is based off a 'since your last visit' method, so if you do not log out, it will not consider your return a new visit.
Finally, the forum uses a cookie to identify you so be sure your browser is able to accept the cookie.

By the way, if there are particular threads you would like to follow then you can click on the "Track this topic" otion at the bottom of the screen and you will in fact receive an email anytime a new post is made in that topic.

Hope this helps.
Posted by Quinn on May 16 2002,5:44 pm
Pc is quite right about most but I have found logging out does not need to be done in order to show new logs... I remain logged in but just click "mark all as read" before I leave, so when I come back (logged in ) it still shows anything new that has been added.
Posted by DxChallenged on May 17 2002,1:45 am
this seems to happen for me without doing anything........maybe my computer is in the "zone"

Just went high speed .......... what a difference with picture downloads!!

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