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started by: Morseman

Posted by Morseman on Mar. 01 2002,4:27 pm
I've just pulled my last active cache from another, well known, site.

One cache I took away because it outlived its useful purpose (Merry Christmas was near some Christmas lights, so would not be relavent in the rest of the year) Another cache was, apparently, removed by non-geocachers, such is life.

The third I have removed after reading that a 'persona non grata' has had their caches removed but the persons responsible seem able to get away with this activity.

I have to conclude that the site owner is passively accepting this action, as he is not acting to stop it and, apparently, is restricting the access of the person(s) whos caches are being trashed.

I would not wish to be actively placing caches in such an environment.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 01 2002,4:40 pm
I read all about this and feel bad that there are such petty people out there. I don't think they realize this is all it will take for a flamed "Cache war" where caches will end up taken or destroyed as an act of revenge. Once this sort of thing starts the sport is doomed. I really feel bad for you that this is something you are having to deal with.
I don't have any doubt's that it is easy to see who is most likely the cause of this by just reading some of the threads in the groups and forums.
Someone has decided that he/she is the new cache law in town and feels they have the right to deicde who's caches are allowed and who's are not.
I wish you luck and hope this gets fixed.
Posted by Morseman on Mar. 02 2002,4:46 am
Quote (Quinn @ Mar. 01 2002,11:40 pm)
I read all about this and feel bad that there are such petty people out there.

The 'trashers' have, obviously, created false accounts, but I would have thought that the site owner would be able to identify who had created the accounts.  Even if throwaway email addresses are used.

At the very least, the false names and accounts should be able to be removed, I would have thought.
Posted by Guest on June 07 2002,5:08 am
I think that this might be what Mrmom was talking about in the other thread.  People who purposely set out to destroy other's caches is absolutely unacceptable.  Morseman, I am so sorry that someone has made you feel this way.  How rotten can someone be? :^^

Don't give up on hiding caches, they cannot get 'em all, ya know?  You know what would be nice is to stumble upon someone in the act!  They would not hear the end of it!!!  LOL! :nono

All of us as a group could do a little investigating to find the perpetrators!!!!

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