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Topic: Dual Logging
started by: talesfromthesurface

Posted by talesfromthesurface on Feb. 25 2007,9:55 am
I had an interesting email from a cacher this morning in regards to "Dual Logging".

I have a question about proper form:  Is is acceptable to log a find
after the fact on a cache listed on multiple sites?   For example,
your I-26 exit 60.  I found it on GC on 08/20.  Can I log it on
Navicache without returning and resigning the log?  If so, I
definitely believe it would be uncool to predate any Navicache FTF-er.

Anyway, can it be done? How is it done? What are the "rules

I did not consider these circumstances when dual listing, any thoughts?

Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 25 2007,1:03 pm
IF the cache has not been moved to different coordinates since originally being found and the find date, does NOT predate the listing date in our database, then yes it may be logged here as well and back-dated to the actual find date without having to return to the cache location a second time. It would make no sense to require a cacher to return to a location they have already visited to log it on each of the possible listing sites.
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