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Topic: Where are the logs
started by: keithh

Posted by keithh on Feb. 02 2007,12:37 pm
I went on our very first search at the weekend (to Sunningdale Golf Course U.K. N 51 22.671 W 000 38.256 site N224) complete with my grandson, his dad's gps unit and my TomTom sat nav as backup. I am pretty confident we found the location but we failed. As a beginner I now don't know if it was our lack of detective work or if the cache had long since gone. I understand that somewhere folk log their finds so I should check to see if anyone has been successful after us or if the site has been nobbled. Where do I look  (or perhaps I won't find that either! Hey Ho)
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 02 2007,2:18 pm
Log entires are at the bottom of the cache page. I see only one log  (very old) entry for this particular cache and it is by the cache owner himself stating it was still available and in good condition.  

When ever you have doubt you can also contact the cache owner by clicking the email envelope icon next to their name on the cache page (when available) and asking if they have any additional info for you. You must be logged in to see this option and the member must have selected to allow others to contact them in their profile.

Of course the best thing to do is log your attempt as 'Unsuccessful'. Alll log entries generate an automatic email to the cache owner. This will not only alert others that there may be a problem, but also the owner of the cache.

I have also sent message to the cache owner.

Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 02 2007,2:19 pm
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