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Topic: Open Cache/Log
started by: talesfromthesurface

Posted by talesfromthesurface on Jan. 15 2007,5:03 pm
I list my caches as Unrestricted. I was under the impression that I needed to list them that way for them to show up on Buxleys Maps.

I just viewed one that is listed as Personal that showed up  on Buxleys Maps.

Can you give me some examples of each?

Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 15 2007,7:17 pm
Because we share our cache data with other services we provide members the ability to indicate how they would prefer to restrict their own cache listing datas use by other listing services. A cache flagged as 'Personal' could for example be listed on another site as long as the site was not commercial in nature.

Also, these flags would not effect Buxley's Maps as Ed does not provide the actual cache listings and only a link back to them on the originating site. Ed (Buxley's) lists a map pin for all caches listed within our database which show an 'Active' flag.

Posted by talesfromthesurface on Jan. 17 2007,2:24 pm
Thank you PC Medic, I was a bit confused.
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