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Topic: IE 7.0 browesr problems
started by: Hoosier Locators

Posted by Hoosier Locators on Jan. 14 2007,8:30 am
I just recently upgated to Internet Explorer 7.0,I use Windows XP Home Edition,everytime I click on a Navicache link on my profile,I have to relog in,I cannot find any Cookie settings in IE 7.0,but if I use my company's laptop that uses IE 6.0 I have no problems navigating around the Navicache website and my personal pages,anyone have any suggestions on what setting changes I need to make in IE 7.0  :(
Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 14 2007,2:11 pm
Everything has been tested and functions normal in IE7.

While it (IE7) should have picked up your original IE6 settings it is possible I guess that yours may not have. To get to cookies settings click on the 'Tools' (gear) Icon in the upper right, goto Internet Options and then select the 'Privacy' tab.

Posted by Hoosier Locators on Jan. 15 2007,2:28 pm
PC Medic you're the man-It's fixed now,thanks a whole bunch for your help and knowledge! :)
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