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Topic: caches I found at another site
started by: cumberland county

Posted by cumberland county on Dec. 06 2006,8:39 pm
Being new to your site I recently started hunting for the hidden cache's.  IM a current member of Geochache. I joined your site tonight.  Do I log the finds I made from that site on my page here or do I just log the finds I do from this site.

If you know is there away to contact by message other members on this site that might be close to where I live  thanks in advance.

Looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the gps and the cache sport

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 07 2006,4:50 am
By all means log them here if the cache owner also has them listed here.

You can contact other members via the email icon next to their names (visible when you are logged in).

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