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Topic: Locationless (reverse) caches?
started by: 2 oldfarts

Posted by 2 oldfarts on Jan. 26 2006,2:26 pm
We have been caching for several years now and have just signed up here. We listed our 3 TC caches and were wondering if the has been any change in allowing Locationless (reverse) caches here.

Since GC has gone to Waywhatever we have passed on that idea. It seems as though quite a few others are also dissatisfied with that process of "listing" locationless caches.

TC allows locationless caches and we have a number of them listed and would like to list them here. There is nothing in the drop down menu when you fill out the cache submission form.

We are known as 2oldfarts (no spaces in the name) on TC, if you wish to see our locationless caches we have there.

We have ideas for others we would be glad to list only here, if they can be approved here.


Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 26 2006,6:24 pm
We do not yet have a 'locationless' specific category, but that is not to say it will never happen.

There are some issues where LL caches are concerned such as logging usually involves the need of a photo and when you start increasing the amount of images you in turn increase the needed server space and bandwidth. Also, you start seeing things like show us your favorite phone booth or other common object.

If there is to be renewed interest or discussion on this topic, lets revive < the original thread > rather than start a new one though.

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