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Topic: Did we just lost Buxley's maps?
started by: MOCKBA

Posted by MOCKBA on Sep. 03 2005,7:09 pm
EDITED: It was one major OOPS, should have checked it MUCH better. Navicaches ARE there just fine, I just looked for a particular one which was a puzzle and, therefore, could not have appeared as a dot at its ACTUAL coordinates. Sorry for the confusion.

Buxley had a very terse announcement that the number of caches on his mapping site is dramatically increasing, which it did, by including (at last!) up-to-date info about caches. The admins of didn't have much comment but it certainly appeared that the news is OK with them indeed.

My take on it is that Buxley's reached a deal with the rival site, but then neither Ed nor Groundspeak are to discuss the details of the deal.

Posted by Quinn on Sep. 30 2005,9:48 am
We are just fine with Buxley and his maps. :)
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