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Topic: How to de-list a cache?
started by: Jomarac5

Posted by Jomarac5 on Aug. 02 2005,8:41 pm
Just wondering how I go about de-listing some of my caches that I'm no longer maintaining?
Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 02 2005,9:26 pm
On the cache listing page select 'Edit Cache' from the menu at the top.
On the Edit page is an option to 'Retire' the cache listing, select YES and save your changes.

Posted by JohnTee on Jan. 29 2006,4:04 pm
Retire Cache? vs. Temporarily Disable . . .

If I retire it, can I just re-enable it when it goes back on line again?  I have a temporary problem and need to disable it.  Have it logged as such for now.

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Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 29 2006,5:36 pm
Yes, if you Retire a cache it can be be returned to active status any time you like. Simply go back to the Edit option and set 'Retire Cache' to NO, save your changes and it will become active again.
Posted by JohnTee on Jan. 29 2006,5:51 pm
Thanks PC Medic.  < White Oak Trace > is Temporarily (most hopefully) retired.  Will be working on getting it back up after I talk to Missouri Department of Conservation folks tomorrow.


Posted by willymagoo on Feb. 24 2006,4:01 pm
Came to the forums to get the answer to this question.  But when I go to the edit, I fail to see the retire button/area.

This is the cache that I am trying to retire: N00F1A

Thanks :withstupid

Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 24 2006,6:55 pm
It is not a 'Button' it is a selection as this allows you to also UN-retire a cache listing at a later date if you need.

It is the very first option on the 'Edit' page. (Well right below Username/Password fields)

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