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Topic: Can caches be set temporary unavailable?
started by: Millhouse

Posted by Millhouse on Mar. 27 2005,8:25 am
Today I discoverd that one of my caches was stolen :angry: . Since it was hidden in a Bird house, which was also stolen, I must first buy a new one. This could take some time. I did post a note to the cache and I will change the cache description to inform possible searchers about the temporaray nonexistence of the cache.

Meanwhile I would like set the cache to a "temporary unavailable" status. But it seems that this is not possible with Navicache. Is this feature somewhere and I did not find it or is it perhaps a planned feature?

Greetings Millhouse.

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 27 2005,12:21 pm
The feature is there...
Please see < This Thread > for more information.

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