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Topic: Identifying visited caches
started by: scubadog

Posted by scubadog on Feb. 17 2005,11:48 am
Maybe I missed the post, but is there a way to see caches I have visited on the list of caches, assuming I am logged in. For example, if I search for caches by zipcode, I get a list of 10 but I cannot tell which ones I have been to. Sure, I can open them one at a time but that is time consuming.
Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 17 2005,12:42 pm
This function is actuall in the current upgrades planned and being worked on. Due to some health related issues there were delays in releasing some of the planned changes , but we are getting back on track now and hope to have them available soon.
Posted by Panther in the Den on May 13 2006,5:01 pm
Cool! I would like to see that feature as well.

Perhaps an Ignore option as well as there are a few cross listed caches in my area that have been archived on the 'other' website.

... or perhaps I could have an admin here archive them with the proper documentation in an email?


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