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Topic: What GPSr do you use?
started by: Volvo Man

Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 18 2003,6:11 pm
As It would appear that the majority here use Magellan, I thought I would put it open for poll to see if that really is the case.

If you are one of those flashy multi GPSr owners, then please vote your primary caching GPSr.

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 18 2003,7:39 pm
I would like to hear back from someone that is using one of the Cobra GPSR's :)
Posted by team_tar on Nov. 19 2003,5:28 am
Only an eTrex legend here.
People already ask me what I'm supposed to do with a GPS, better not tohave more than one... even if I'm tempted...:D

Posted by sledgehampster on Nov. 19 2003,7:07 am
Using Magellan MAP 330 hooked to a PALM IIIc running Delorme SA 2004 Handheld, for paperless caching.
Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 19 2003,8:07 am
I have used both Garmin and Magelan units and have settled on a Meridian Color.
Excellent reception, full of features and great contrast on screen that make it visible even in bright sunlight.

Posted by welch on Nov. 19 2003,1:09 pm
Do these 'Blackmarket Russian Military Gadget' work on Glonass or the regular *navstar*.

(I hope I used the right terms ??? )

Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 20 2003,7:02 am
I started with a Mag 315, then went to a Map 330, then an ST Map and a Merigreen.

I think the Map 330 is the best in the reception category out of the bunch. Seems to pick up more sats, gets stronger signals on them, and seems to hold better lock under heavy foliage. EPE seems to stay more steady and low also.

Next in the reception category would be the ST Map.

The MeriGreen seems to always get one or two less sats than the ST, the signal strength jumps around more, and  the EPE always seems to be slightly higher (less accurate) than the ST. It also fluctuates much more.

of course, my results are only based on these three specific units. I've never used any other makes/models for comparison.
I also upgrade them all whenever new firmware comes out.

Posted by Brobubba on Nov. 21 2003,7:50 pm
I use a Garmin III+.  I have had it for several years for mapping trips and work.  It is rugged, and I find it is very accurate.
Posted by 4x4van on Nov. 25 2003,3:14 pm
I voted for the Magellan, since I started with a Mag GPS315 and now use a SporTrak Pro.  But my 11 yr old son geocaches with me and uses a Garmin ETrex Yellow.  Unfortunately, I could only vote for one in the poll, so Magellan it was! (or could I have voted for 2?)
Posted by DustyJacket on Nov. 25 2003,4:04 pm
Tht Garmin GPSmap 60cs looks like a sharp unit.
Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 27 2003,7:32 am
Interesting...I seem to remember this same poll recently on the GC forums...and percentage wise it was heavily in favor of the Garmins....

Maybe thats why I like it here better....Magellan owners seem to rule the NC forums...   :thumbs-up

Posted by team_tar on Nov. 27 2003,11:20 am
Quote (Cracker7M @ Nov. 27 2003,9:32 am)
Interesting...I seem to remember this same poll recently on the GC forums...and percentage wise it was heavily in favor of the Garmins....

I too remember a similar poll there... but up to now was unable to find it ???. Actually polling is disabled there, they are still trying to sort out some software issue... Anyway when it will be reactivated I think I will re-post it.

Anyway consider that any polling with 15 votes does not allow any rock-hard statistic on it...

Posted by TEAM 360 on Nov. 27 2003,7:04 pm
Magellan Meridian Platinum is the weapon of choice here....
Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 29 2003,12:40 am
ok, so the vote goes on, and it does seem that the majority here use magellan. Question is, why does that differ from's membership?

Is it that Navicachers want to be different? Or perhaps its Quinn's staunch support of magellan that sways us. Perhaps, and I think this is really the case, those of us who are prepared to do a little more research beyond the display in the electronics store when buying our GPSr, are also the type to apply that to the internet when looking for Geocaching websites. In that case, its not that navicachers prefer magellan, but Magellan owners are the type to find and like Navicache.

Posted by DustyJacket on Nov. 29 2003,3:58 am
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Posted by DustyJacket on Nov. 29 2003,3:59 am
One thing I noticed is that most vocal Magellan owners still have an open mind regarding other brands.
The vocal portion of the Garmin owners seem somewhat militant is their "hatred" of Magellan.

Maybe its related to the research and features rather than brand loyalty.

Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 29 2003,6:21 am
Looking at the design and features in the two new Garmins, I think even they are looking at the Mag's lately.  :grinnin
Posted by welch on Nov. 29 2003,10:20 am
Quote (PC Medic @ Nov. 29 2003,7:21 am)

going a little off track...
Does price pay any part?

Seems like the very cheapest unit you can get is a low end Etrex or Geko. And the cheapest Maggies are like Sportrack or 310 (do they still make those?), and thats a little bit more.

< Magellans > or < garmin >

Posted by Volvo Man on Jan. 09 2004,7:23 am
When I bought my MeriGold, It was my first GPS, so I didn't know really which features were important. I did want map display, altitude and WAAS though, and the Gold was the only one they had that said that on the box. Also, I knew I'de be buying cables, mounts and other stuff, so accessory price played a part. then I had a little play with the Gold in the shop, and also a couple of garmins and I soon noticed that the Magellan felt more robust, so I bought it. Had the platinum been available then, I would probably have bought that instead.
Posted by SNEN on Jan. 16 2004,1:55 pm
I use a Magellan SporTrak Pro!
Posted by duke on Mar. 02 2004,5:33 am
I don't consider myself a 'vocal' Garmin owner, but I have a Garmin Venture, and I am well pleased with it. Also, I don't 'hate' Magellans.
Posted by deckyon on Mar. 02 2004,6:57 am
I have the Meridian Platinum as well...  Don't think I would buy any other unit.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 02 2004,1:31 pm
Quote (deckyon @ Mar. 02 2004,8:57 am)
I have the Meridian Platinum as well...  Don't think I would buy any other unit.

Very nice GPS should never have to!  :2cool
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 02 2004,4:22 pm
Quote (Quinn @ Mar. 02 2004,3:31 pm)
Quote (deckyon @ Mar. 02 2004,8:57 am)
I have the Meridian Platinum as well...  Don't think I would buy any other unit.

Very nice GPS should never have to!  :2cool

...until the Starship Federation "tri-corder" comes on the market  :2cool
Posted by welch on Mar. 02 2004,5:43 pm
"Geocache readings at 20 meters... That way!"  :D
Posted by JeepCachr on Mar. 20 2004,10:12 pm
I just got a Fortuna Blue tooth clip on. This thing is tiny. Its replacing my ancient Garmin 38. I'm the one other in the poll.

I was about 2 clicks away from buying the Magellen platinum untill I decided to go bluetooth.

I would have bought the Garmin 60CS in a heart beat if it was $100 cheaper and had a SD slot.

Posted by cachekidds on Mar. 26 2004,5:00 am
I've still got a Garmin eTrex Legend but thsi unit has caught me eye
< >

Posted by rockyriver on Mar. 30 2004,5:57 pm
I got both Garmin and Magellan, is there any other manufactuers?

Posted by cachekidds on Mar. 31 2004,2:07 pm
Quote (rockyriver @ Mar. 30 2004,7:57 pm)
I got both Garmin and Magellan, is there any other manufactuers?

Yeah, Lowrance makes some of the best.
Posted by Gimpy on May 02 2004,2:28 pm
Still running Garmins & wouldn't have it any other way. :grinnin
Posted by apogee on May 03 2004,8:22 pm
I bought my first GPSr about a month ago.  I had the choices narrowed down to a Meridian Gold or an eTrex Legend.  I heard a lot of claims about the superiority of the quad-helix antenna compared to the patch, and that pushed me in the direction of Magellan.  

My nephew is a field geologist who relies heavily on consumer GPSr's as a tool of the trade.  I knew he owned a SportTrak, so I asked him about reception.  He replied,
It works reasonably well under trees, but the issue is always how to carry it and still have the antenna get reasonable tracking while hiking (i.e. not having it in your hand).  The overall size is a bit smaller than the Gold, but with the same screen I believe.
Since the Legend has the higher resolution screen, I decided to go for it and hope that reception would not be a problem.

My experience has been very good after a 100 hours of use.  Reception turned out not to be an issue at all.  It seems I can get satellite lock anywhere, including inside the house!  [due to re-radiation, no doubt] The only time I lose signal is when the receiver hangs vertically under a tree canopy.  It only takes a few seconds to reacquire, however, so that isn't really a consideration.  

On the other hand, higher screen resolution doesn't equate to better readability.  I have to hold my eTrex next to the steering wheel to read the map and upcoming turn indicator.  I wonder if the Magellan screen might not be better suited for navigation in the car.

I think both companies make fine starter units.  Most of today's models can handle the practical needs of geocaching.

Posted by cachekidds on May 04 2004,8:38 am
I just got a Lowrance iFinder Pro+.
It acquires a postion faster than anything I've ever seen.

Posted by sledgehampster on July 24 2004,8:30 pm
Just upgraded from my MAP 330 to a Meridian Gold. Got to love the SD Card expandability!! Now to get Direct Route...
Posted by scalpel on Sep. 24 2004,2:01 pm
I use a Trimble Flightmate GPSr.  It boots up saying 1992.
Posted by epicanis on Sep. 24 2004,6:46 pm
What if the answer is "more than one"?  (e.g. Deluo unit plugged into my laptop or similar while riding around, Garmin portable for "on foot" use until I can afford a Sharp Zaurus...)

The standalone I have is a Garmin, just because it seemed more "hackable" (better chance of being able to find a way to generate my own maps, etc. than Magellan.  Garmin's protocol seems to be a bit better documented and understood).  I considered a Magellan in the same price range (I liked the SD expandability, but if my only option is to "buy" permission to use pre-made maps only, it's of limited use to me...)

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