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Topic: Meridian and Meridian Gold updates.
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Feb. 28 2002,6:00 pm
There are two new updates for the Meridian for the Green unit basic, and one for the Meridian Gold. To get them use this link... < Meridian 3.08 update >
Here is the text fixes and updates...

Software Enhancements/Fixes in Version 3.08 software:

Eliminated potential unit lock-ups when viewing Secure Digital (SD) card detailed map files greater than 32 MB.
Added 128 MB SD card compatibility.
Added electronic compass, barometric sensor, and temperature sensor features that are activated when used with hardware available in the Meridian Platinum model.
Added a daylight savings time feature.
Enabled selection of one user grid for the primary coordinate system and another user grid for the secondary coordinate system.
After editing, the least significant digit of UTM waypoints are no longer decremented by one.
Added a projection function on the Position screen menu.
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