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Topic: Magellan Map 330 Update Version (New)
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 28 2001,5:43 pm
There is a new Downloadable update that Magellan just came out with for all of you Map 330 users out there. You can grab this update by using this link < Magellan 330 V2.08 Update > This will bring you up to date and also fix some known bugs. As the link indicates this new version is 2.08 and version 1.07 North American Map data base.
Make sure you read the instructions before you start the process and you will be fine. i just updated mine and it went well with no problems. It says it will take about 15 minutes for complete update, but mine was about 20-25 and I have also heard it go as long as 30, so don't panic.
If you have any problems beyond this or during the update, let us know here and we'll try to help you through it.
Posted by Guest on Nov. 28 2001,7:11 pm
Just finished mine and took about 21 minutes start to finish.

Several new features, including a new additional GOTO Pointer on the compass screen that points in the direction of the currently selected waypoint. :thumbsup:

Posted by sledgehampster on Aug. 03 2002,1:21 pm
Version 2.09 is now available at:
< >
Basemap 1.10 is also available here.

Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 16 2002,10:40 pm
Sledgehampster, I notice Magellan hasnt posted a version newer than 2.08 on their Support page yet (9/17)....... ??

Any info on what the 2.09 adds or fixes?
Thanx! :wave

Posted by sledgehampster on Sep. 17 2002,4:42 pm
The difference between 2.08 and 2.09 is:
ver 2.09 adds:
1. Waypoint "Projection" capability
2. New compass screen
3. Default contrast setting changes to 50%
Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 18 2002,12:00 am
Cool! Thanx!
I actually noticed the new compass as soon as I hit that screen... :)
Posted by The Parkers on Sep. 19 2002,8:14 am
I didn't see this link posted previously so I thought I'd include it here. The link is to a site where you enter a website address and it will monitor the page and when there is a change, it emails you. I use it for my garmin software page and Oziexplorer so I know right away if there is an update. I thought some of you might find it useful as well.

< >
Posted by Rogoflap on Nov. 19 2002,9:24 pm
A new base map of 1.07?????  I wonder what was added/changed to this basemap.  If it is better than that of the Nav 1.05 in my sportrak pro, then I just might be interested in changing my sportrak pro basemap to this one?


Posted by sledgehampster on Nov. 20 2002,6:53 am
:) Why not just go ahead to basemap 1.10?
< >
Posted by sledgehampster on May 21 2003,6:37 am
Firmware 4.0 is now available at < >

Delete current basemap and install Basemap 1.01
< >
(This frees up memory to install the larger 4.0 firmware.)

Install 4.0. After update make sure and clear the memory as instructed.

Then reinstall the basemap you had (or prefer).
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< >
< >
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