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Topic: Garmin Map76 2.08
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 11 2002,7:44 am
Garmin put out a new update version for download for it's Map76 model. You can get that update here... < Garmin map76 update >

This version came out 1 / 9 / 02

Posted by Choberiba on Jan. 14 2002,9:51 am
I don't have a Map76, but I've heard that Garmin tweaked the latest firmware on the eMap so that the warning text can no-longer be hacked.

On my Venture as it boots, instead of the "Hey Bozo, don't blame us" message.

My name, number, and email are displayed.

Can you still edit your unit's display post firmware update?
Posted by Quinn on Feb. 15 2002,7:04 am
This would be a great feature on all GPSR's. Not that anyone would return it if found, but there are those few people that have a kind heart. I would like to see this added as an option so that Name, phone, address and e-mail can be placed inside for this reason alone. Good idea to pound on the makers for.
Posted by GPSFOOL on Mar. 01 2002,11:45 pm
:) I have the 2.08 Firmware in my GPSMAP76 and I can still modify the Garmin Disclamer page using the "Updater" prog.  Got my name & address infor there.   Life is good.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 02 2002,4:01 am
Hey...good to see you back around again. Do you think this can also be done in the likes of the IIIPlus and the V? If so maybe you can e-mail me the "how to"?  :)
Posted by Morseman on Mar. 02 2002,4:43 am
Quote (Quinn @ Mar. 02 2002,11:01 am)
Hey...good to see you back around again. Do you think this can also be done in the likes of the IIIPlus and the V? If so maybe you can e-mail me the "how to"?  :)

I'd be interested in the "Updater" program as well.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 02 2002,9:02 am
Give this a shot. Have not tried it yet myself, but am going to. < >
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 03 2002,3:13 pm
I've had that on my computer for months and haven't gotten around to using it yet, guess I'll give it a shot since my GPS is plugged in anyway (dowloading the 16 mile weekend backpacking trip I did)
Posted by Choberiba on Mar. 04 2002,12:42 am
Not to state the obvious or anything, but this software does not update the firmware that is currently being used by the GPSr.
Rather it edits the downloaded file in such a way that the text is swapped for text of your choosing.

After you are done with the edit, you use the update software that downloaded with the firmware data file.

In other words, you don't even need to own a GPS to change the text in the file that was designed for altering the loaded software.

There is absolutely no risk until you actually update the GPS unit, and even then I've never heard of one being damaged through this type of tweaking.  :rotflmao
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 09 2002,9:30 pm
My buddy just bought a new garmin map76 but it doesnt have the latest version mentioned 1/9/2. Does anyone know what changes this version has?  OOPS I just saw Quinn's next post witch answers all my Questions :^:
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 09 2002,9:34 pm
Changes made from version 2.07 to 2.08:

Retain waypoint comments between power cycles.
Changed the anchor drag alarm to sound every time the boat moves outside the anchor area.
Changed the anchor drag alarm setting distance units from miles to feet.
Display approaching waypoint messages longer when based on distance.
Eliminated possible lockups when saving a track back through midnight or noon.
Improved WAAS performance after long periods of shading for both WAAS and GPS satellites.
Improved WAAS performance when GEO ephemeris is available but almanac has not yet been collected.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 16 2002,10:45 am
I'll tell ya what. The upcoming MAP76S looks to be a fantastic unit. I don't very often need anything more than the 8mb of memory in the MAP76, but you can never have too much memory, eh! uh-oh. :rotflmao
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