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started by: Scout

Posted by Scout on Dec. 27 2001,3:21 pm
In the December, 2001 edition of Electronic Business is an < article > on the GPS industry. Here is an excerpt, the only part to deal with GPS games:

"There are two kinds of applications for GPS: to save time and to waste time," says Jeremiah Zinn, head of alliances and developers services for Ericsson Mobility World USA.

In the category of wasting time are recreational applications that use GPS in electronic versions of scavenger-hunt type games. But the most promising applications are those that save time in two areas: automobile-based navigation systems and cell phones, according to vendors and analysts. Other potential growth markets include surveying equipment and meteorological tools

I guess they don't think too highly of us. ;-)
Posted by Quinn on Dec. 27 2001,5:07 pm
Hmmm...I never considered it a waste of time getting outdoors with members of my family and enjoying a good hike while at the same time turning it into an adventure. But I guess what you could consider a waste of time would be writing garbage such as that let alone reading it :grinnin  Most likely that person had a troubled childhood and never had any fun :p
Posted by Morseman on Dec. 28 2001,3:42 am
I once heard that there's a saying that goes:-

"Sports are Huntin', Shootin' and Fishin', all the rest are pass times"

As you can guess, it was a few years ago now.  :D

By the standard of the person writting the article, most things that people do in their leisure time could be called time wasting.  In fact, I've also heard people call the PC the greatest time waster in the world.
Posted by Road Kill on Dec. 28 2001,11:16 am
Morseman writes:
In fact, I've also heard people call the PC the greatest time waster in the world.

My son tells me I waste time at the Navicache forums. How can grinning be a waste of time? There's a saying that goes: "He you dies with the most toys wins". I contend: "Anyone who dies with a big grin wins" :grinnin

If you let leasure time pass without getting a grin - you've wasted your time.
Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 28 2001,4:57 pm
Sounds to me like the author spends too much time sitting on his ass, driving around , talking on his cell phone!

I say he needs to get out and have some fun with his family  :grinnin

Posted by 300mag on Mar. 08 2002,9:28 pm
WOW A waste of time ...I suppose we waste money on their products then . I don't think caching is waisting time. It is a great familly hobby. It is also a great tool for hunters and fisherman  like me  ;) and forestry ingeneers also surveyors  :p
People like this probably don't have any hobbies and are lazy couch potato's  :grinnin
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