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Topic: Garmin GPS 76 and Map 76 update
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Dec. 20 2001,3:05 pm
There is another update for those of you that own the Garmin GPS76 and the map76. The version is 2.07 and it was out for downloading dated 12/17/2001. You can use this < link to Garmins model 76 update > to get the download.

Things that are fixed in this new version are...

Eliminated lockups at certain locations.
Added waypoint comments. (When new waypoints are created, the comment will initially contain the date and time the waypoint was created.)
Added Project Location option for waypoints.
Added Append To Route option for waypoints to allow appending of waypoints to new and existing routes.
Added Toggling between displaying chosen & default location formats on the GPS info page when a cursor key is pressed.
Added new Swedish RT 90 location format.
Added control of marine services to the Marine tab of the map setup.
Increased the breadth of waypoint symbols that can be received through the serial port.
Improved responsiveness of positioning in shaded conditions.
Added display of the north reference source to bearing fields.
Properly show times for tide stations with UTC offsets greater than +/- 9 hours.
Always show street number and street name in correct order based on map data.
Allowed for all 4 digits of mils to be shown on the map feature review pages.
Re-sort waypoint symbol selection list after changing the language.
Changed confirmation box buttons on proximity page from OK & Cancel to Yes & No.
Increased the number of copyrights that can be displayed from 4 to 5.
Correctly get all copyrights strings from map data.
Made the size of the degree symbol consistent between degree symbols with north reference indication (e.g. deg true, deg mag) and those without.
Changed 'Map Location' text to 'Map Pointer'.
Map datums automatically associated with location formats can no longer be changed.
Changed Swedish and RT 90 location formats to have the northing on top and easting below and to use 'X' and 'Y' to indicate northing and easting instead of 'N' and 'O'.
Improved the appearance of the pointer tail.  :)

Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 21 2001,1:51 am
yup. Update loaded into my MAP76 no problem without losing any waypoints or other info. But my pointer tail isn't any prettier than it was before!hehe :0o
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