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Topic: Centimetre accuracy
started by: Morseman

Posted by Morseman on April 11 2002,8:24 am
Anyone know of any systems which would give accuracy to within a few centimetres?

Just interested after a discussion with a non-technical work friend about GPS and pinpointing where you are.

I decided not to try to explain the difference between precision and accuracy.  ;-)
Posted by GeoRockers on April 11 2002,9:59 pm
Here is a link which may help:

< Introducing GPS Surveying Techniques >
Posted by Morseman on April 12 2002,4:09 am
Quote (GeoRockers @ April 12 2002,04:59 am)
Here is a link which may help:

Thanks for the information.

I even found a link to a local Uni' who have some processing software that will link to the Garmin!

Mind you, at 65 plus VAT I may now decide to buy it just for geocaching.   :D
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