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Topic: GPS And Satellite Radio Conflicts!
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 28 2006,12:07 pm
I recently bought myself a Sirius Portable satellite radio which is mounted via a suction cup that is placed slightly lower than my rear view mirror. The antenna is located on the roof of my truck.
I use a Garmin V for street navigation as well as some of the Geocaching I do. This I have mounted on the dash about 20 inches to the left of my satellite radio (Sirius Starmate brand)

It took me a while to put 2 and 2 together, but I noticed that while driving down the road I am constantly losing sat locks on my GPS, I could not figure out why it kept telling me I was off route or that I lost connection.
I changed my screen view over to the Sat lock page and noticed I had only two active sats being tracked, and even then both of them had very poor reception .
After a couple of days of this I was about to kick the thing out the door as it would not hold locks.
I then accidently turned off my Satellite radio while looking at the sat lock page on my GPS and quickly noticed a Massive jump in reception as well as locked an additional 5 sats.
It turned out my Sat radio was interferring with the GPS everytime I turned it on.

I have noticed several posts of people that have problems like I mentioned with sat reception in the cars. I am now wondering if these same people also might have the portable Sirius or XM radios that recieve a signal and then transmits it to the stock radio in the vehicle like I do. if so, this is most likely your problem and you may wish to tinker with the location or radio settings to see if you can correct it.
Just an F.Y.I.

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