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Topic: How Bad Is This?
started by: Gryffindor1

Posted by Gryffindor1 on Sep. 22 2005,5:19 pm
I have just recently learned about this wonderful sport (game?)
and I have been using a borrowed GPS, which I must soon return   :(  
I have the opportunity to purchase a used GPS, but I was
warned by someone else who saw the unit, that it only picks up
(receives?) two satellite signals.  

I really can't afford a new unit, so it would be really great if
this isn't a big deal.

I will get the chance to actually see and play around a bit with
the unit next week, but I'd like to know ahead of time if I should
even consider buying this at all.  How bad of a thing is this?  Is
this something that can be fixed?  This is all new to me, so I am
completely dumb when it comes to this stuff.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give me!

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 22 2005,8:17 pm
Well you do not mention what brand or model it is or what you will be paying, so it is hard to give any sort of objective response to your question.
There are models (new) starting at just around $100 that would be suitable for geocaching IF you are not in an area where heavy tree cover is common.

Posted by Gryffindor1 on Sep. 23 2005,4:00 pm
Sorry about that - I didn't know that made a
difference... <oops!>  (But I'm learning!)

The unit in question is a Garmin eTrex Vista, and the
guy is asking $75 US for it. He says that he used it for
boating and has given it up. I know that it sells for a
lot more than that brand new (more than I can afford!).

What should I be looking for, if I intend to 'play'
in parks and such where there is a lot of trees?

Thanks for helping!

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 23 2005,7:11 pm
Well, while $75 would be a good price for a fully functional (good condition) eTrex Vista, your first post leaves the impression it may have operational problems. If that is the case, I would pass.

While not the best in heavy tree cover, a standard eTrex Yellow can be had new for under $90. This is the unit I started with a few years ago and while it can get tough in tree cover, I never failed to find a cache I went after. Not much bells and whistles, but not a bad starter unit.

My personal favorites are the Magellan Meridian series. A lttle more money depending on what you go for, but nice units.

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 06 2005,7:28 am
If there is nothing wrong with the mechanics of the GPS you mention I would go with it. The vista will for sure get you more than 2 sat signals and if it doesnt then there is something wrong with the one in mention.
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