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started by: MysterySmith's

Posted by MysterySmith's on May 22 2005,9:27 am
Please help while doing a Geocaching Event my gps unit showed low battery then is shut off. Turned unit back on low battery came said unit was shuting down. After shut down I replaced the batteries tried to turn it on but it would not come on.  Changed the batteries again made sure they were put in right still nothing. Asked a fellow cacher we tried his batteries from his unit which was working at that time still nothing. Does anybody have any ideas?????
Posted by QuigleyJones on May 22 2005,3:21 pm
A friend of mine just got a brand new GPS and after 2 caches the power button stoped working.
He had to have it sent into the shop.

If you dont want to send it in try banging it on the wall a few times :p

Posted by sledgehampster on May 23 2005,6:51 am
If it will work on external power then it is the battery contact. This is a known flaw on these units. The connector looses contact with the "motherboard" not allowing a connection. Magellan Meridian Group on Yahoo has a file on the repair of this problem. (You must be a member to access it) < Battery Contact Repair > Hope this helps.
Posted by MysterySmith's on May 25 2005,5:30 pm
Thanks sledgehampster it was the battery contacts I got it fixed and it works just find. I also went to the Magellan Group some good information there also. Thanks   :grinnin
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