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Posted by mooser on Dec. 20 2003,11:32 pm
I just received a sportrack pro gps , i live in northwestern ontario, the base map just sucks ( dose not show lake nipigon , spruce river road from thunder bay ( where i travel to hunt) but shows armstrong but no road on how to get there) in fact it shows no lakes    and very little or no roads off of the main hyways, if i get the magellan canada mapsend streets and destination cd will this help. went to the garmin wesite and  it shows a #### of more even if you do not buy the extra cds. Any body have a used magellan canada mapsend streets and destination cd ffor sale( hate to put out all that money and find out it it isnot very good.
Posted by Gorak on Dec. 21 2003,10:31 am
I don't know about Ontario, but for BC the Mapsend maps are pretty accurate. I've used them quite a bit around the city and in the Okanagan and found few errors other than the odd missing street that was too new to be on the map.  The Mapsend desktop application is one of my favorite tools for planning my caching excursions.
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