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Topic: Spring up a cache
started by: 300mag

Posted by 300mag on Mar. 09 2002,9:53 pm
Today I was out caching and noticed a lot of green paches sticking out of the ground. I even saw lots of Canada geese fly by?? Now that the snow is going great new spots will be more accessible even the Ottawa river is almost all thawed out. I have a few new caches coming up . What about you? :rotflmao
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 12 2002,1:24 pm
Hey, 300mag. I spend quite a few weekends a year up Canada. But usually around the Niagara Falls area. It's only about 1 1/2 hrs. from home, and about once a month, the bride & I get a hotel room up there just to get out of town for the weekend. I'll have to plan an extended weekend & get up your way. Now that I've got the whole US & Canada City Select unlock code for my Garmin V, I can get around without getting too lost. Up in Toronto last year for a weekend getaway, & headed out to bag the "Toronto Brickworks" cache. Had no real mapping available for the area, so I just pulled up the cache waypoint on my III Plus, & hit the goto. Hotel was down near the Toronto Harbour, & you should have been there to witness the route I ended up taking. If I remember correctly, the Plus said about 6 miles to final destination. Just following the arrow was a good time, but I'll bet I travelled 3 times that to get there.  :grinnin
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 12 2002,5:12 pm
Hi there Gimpy
If you ever go back to Toronto don't miss the "medeival times" show.Canada's wonderland and Ontario place.We liked it.If you decide to visit this area let me know. We like visitors. I could show you a few interesting caches and sites. :^: ok now i've press back and forward and it posted twice  :( Is there a way to delete this second post :withstupid
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 12 2002,6:20 pm
Quote (300mag @ Mar. 12 2002,7:12 pm)

If you ever go back to Toronto don't miss the "medeival times" show.

Those shows truly are a great time, I still remember the one I went to in Chicago years ago, it was great (especially for someone whose into medeival fantasy like I am).  Highly recomended, little expensive yeah but well worth it.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 13 2002,1:49 am
We have one here near Rochester, called the Renaissance Festival. It runs every summer, on weekends, from like the first week in July till the end of August or something like that. We go at least once a year. Fantastic time. Jousting, the washing wenches, the dunking pond. Can't beat it. Now on to Canada. How far up are you 300mag. We really enjoy it up there, and we're always looking for different cities to head to. We've spent many weekends in Niagara, Niagara on the Lake, Toronto, Hamilton & one of our favorites, Burlington. Love to go after some caches up your way. Have you got many in your area? If so, maybe we can plan something. How's the weather in April?
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 13 2002,8:34 pm
Hi Gympi I am in  Orleans now part of OTTAWA  (east) of the nations Capital. About 1:30 from Massena and Cornwall and 5 hours from Toronto. It would be lot's of fun to have a rendez-vous . There are lot's of interesting caches and different difficulty level of caches. Now for April usually there might be a bit of snow patches here and there but nothing major .Especially this year we had hardly any winter. I spend lot's of time in the bush and i can tell you i seldom had snow 6"inches  higher than my boots .So by April the white stuff will prob be pretty well gone . So if you want some snow to bring back home hurry up  :xmas  :grinnin
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