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Topic: Shhhhh.... I've got a secret!!!!!!!
started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on Feb. 14 2004,1:15 pm

Posted by YardBoy on Feb. 14 2004,3:03 pm
Quote (upinyachit @ Feb. 14 2004,3:15 pm)
:grinnin I will only list this cache on Navicache, so watch out for the release date.

Great, because double posting leads to a piecemeal story and difficult to trace hitchikers.
Posted by Guest on Mar. 10 2004,7:40 pm

Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 10 2004,8:36 pm
Quote (upinyachit @ Mar. 10 2004,9:40 pm)
... lake is almost unthawed.

Is the water deep?  Looks like a quarry and you may want to put a liability disclaimer in your NaviCache posting.

BTW, I'm smiling at "unthawed" which would effectively be "frozen".  It took my English teaching mother an extra effort to convince me that there was no such word as "irregardless".

Posted by Guest on Mar. 11 2004,6:47 am

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