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started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on Nov. 14 2003,5:48 am
After watching the weather channel this morning, I know now why we moved from Rochester, NY.  The cold blustery snow just isn't for Upinyachit. :sick  Here in Pueblo, Co. it's like a secret spot. I don't even think this town owns a snow plow. LOL The weather is absolutely amazing. If you ever watch the weather channel, Pueblo is always the warmest. It's 5 am this morning and it's already 45 degrees.  The high for today is around  65. :wave  Yesterday,  I was framing with a T-shirt  and shorts.  Not like in N.Y. where I had to wear 9 layers of clothes this time of year. Anyways, caching is great out here, I can't seem to stay out of the mountains. Some of the caches I found are the best views in the world.
I do plan on hiding a few caches out here and hopefully introducing some new members to NAVICACHE. :rotflmao

Upinyachit :tungue2

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